Top 10 Schools in Nigeria (British Schools)

Top 10 Schools in Nigeria (British Schools)

Top 10 Schools in Nigeria (British Schools)

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The world loves British education, and as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, students the world over will still keep heading to the UK for education.

The ISC (Independent Schools Council) is a non-profit organisation representing over 1,300 schools in the Uk and promoting and preserving excellence and high-quality British independent education at home and abroad. It revealed figures that showed that at least one in five of their students are international students with their parents living abroad.

A survey was conducted of parents in Hong King, the largest supplier of international students to British schools, as further proof of this. The results showed that academic quality was the primary reason these parents sent their children to the UK.

But we understand not every parent can afford to send their children to the UK, and others would rather have their children close to home for personal reasons.

Take Nigeria, for instance, where kinship ties are solid, particularly in cultures like the Yoruba; family members often have a responsibility to take care of both their immediate and extended families. Factors like these often necessitate family members to remain physically close or not too far away from each other. These are just two reasons why Nigerian parents would rather have their children study in the country.

Nonetheless, an excellent solution for parents is to send their children to British schools in Nigeria, where they can still benefit from the impeccable quality of the British curriculum. And that’s why we’re listing ten of the top British schools in Nigeria below!



  1. Lekki British School

Located in Lagos, Lekki British School is arguably one of the best in Nigeria. It was established in September 2000, making it the first British school in Nigeria.

Because the school is located in southern Nigeria, most of the students there hail from tribes like Yoruba and Igbo. There aren’t as many Hausa and Fulani students who predominate schools in the northern part of the country.

The school covers education from pre-school to high school with programs to prepare students for the Cambridge A-levels. Lekki British School provides a safe atmosphere where students are encouraged to reach their full potential in academics, athletics, and personal development.

Lekki British High School offers a distinct spirit of excellence that encompasses all elements of school life.

In addition, the school ensures students always have assistance when they need it and have access to guidance and counselling throughout their academic careers.


  1. British International School

BIS has established itself as a leading British school in Nigeria; it’s even the best to some. BIS is an international, co-educational school that uses a British-style curriculum to teach students aged 11 to 18. It caters to both Nigerian residents and ex-pats seeking a British education in an international atmosphere.

With class numbers never exceeding twenty, they provide a family atmosphere where all students are recognised and loved.

In addition, all students are encouraged to participate in various extracurricular activities, including sports, cultural events, and artistic endeavours.

Students from this school are always well-prepared for Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) IGCSE and Advanced Level courses.


  1. Lifeforte International School

Lifeforte is a Christian institution that is considered one of Nigeria’s most outstanding schools. The school has a record of excellence, not only in academics but also in other aspects of a child’s development.

They provide a secure and intellectually engaging environment for children to become fit, accountable and exceptional learners.

Their program is designed to fulfil national and international standards and be a springboard for advanced level and undergraduate study.

Students at Lifeforte are prepared for the West African Examination Council and Cambridge Assessment International Education (GCEs and Checkpoints) exams. They also offer guidance for SAT and TOEFL exams, respectively.


  1. Day Waterman College

Day Waterman College aims to nurture the young generation into leaders standing at the vanguard of Nigeria and the world’s rapid socio-economic growth.

Their students study for various qualifications, including A-levels, International Baccalaureate, SATs, and European Baccalaureate, to further their education in the US, UK, South Africa, and other European countries.


  1. Greensprings School

Greensprings School is an independent day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 18 months to 18 years old with a curriculum tailored to prep students for the IGCSE.

The schools value academic achievement and the development of abilities in the arts, theatre, music, and athletics.

A ‘polite, courteous, and helpful student with a positive attitude toward school and fellow students,’ in their opinion, is just as valuable as a talented scholar, artist, or athlete.


  1. Meadow Hall School

By merging the British curriculum with Nigeria’s curriculum, the school produces bright, exceptional students.

Meadow Hall puts great emphasis on both cognitive and non-cognitive development. The school is also equipped with the same world-class facilities you’ll see in top schools globally. That’s just one more reason it’s a perfect institution Nigerians parents send their children to learn.


  1. Grange Secondary School

This is a day and boarding school for students aged 5 to 16 with a curriculum tailored for the Cambridge IGCSE. Students, instructors, and parents all work and study together, so it stands out in that regard.

The School Policy calls for a class size of 18 students. This policy aims to promote a family spirit and guarantee that every child at Grange is recognised as an individual.

They also have a history of providing a child-friendly environment. The school’s goal is to develop mature and disciplined citizens.


  1. Whiteplains British School

Whiteplains British School is a renowned and recognised educational school that provides value-added and high-quality educational services while adhering to professional academic standards. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the school is ranked among the finest Nigerian British schools.

Students receive a good and well-rounded education from their unique combination of international and local educators.

They use the Cambridge A-level curriculum and the university foundation program, preparing students to enter foreign and domestic universities.


  1. Atlantic Hall School

This is another prestigious British-based school in Lagos is Atlantic Hall School. The school’s curriculum is a hybrid of British and Nigerian educational systems. This method efficiently prepares children for WASSCE, IGCSE, and SAT exams.

In most cases, students take the IGCSE while in SS2 and the WASSCE when they are in SS3. Students aged 10 to 17 make up most of the student population, with an average class size of 25 students and a student-to-teacher ratio of 9:1.


  1. Lead British International School

Located in a suburban area in Abuja, LBIS allows students to study in a noise-free environment. Their A-levels program effectively prepares students for entrance to top colleges in the United Kingdom and the United States. University foundation programs are also available, which prepare students for entry to domestic universities.


British schools in Nigeria offer stellar education that prepares students for Cambridge exams and other foreign exams to secure admission into institutions of their choice, whether domestic or foreign.

The above-listed institutions were ranked on specific metrics. As a parent, when choosing an institution, pick one that fits your child; a surrounding that matches their personality; a place where they can best develop and nurture their talents. For example, the best fit for your child might be a school ranked #6 Remember not to go by numbers alone, but regardless of which you enrol your child, you’re guaranteed the best education that a British curriculum offers.

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