Industry: Management Consultancy

Country: UAE

Need Advice?

Being unsure of what moves to take in any area of life can be challenging. We have all been at a stage of our lives where we want to improve but we don’t if we are making the correct decisions. Especially for many business owners…this is why business consultancy firms are a hot topic.

There are many advantages to business consultancy firms such as they can give existing business a fresher outlook on where their strengths and weaknesses are. From the valuable advice they give, they can then transform their business in order to attract, convert and retain customers. Many businesses are aware of the steps they need to take in order to make these changes, for example many firms may not know how to push their businesses to their full potential but with a consultancy firm people can grow their organisation immensely.

It is also very cost effective to hire a consultancy firm as experts know from experience methods which work out and methods which don’t. This saves business owners a lot of time that they could use on other business facilities.  Many of us need professional advice on many business decisions and it isn’t so easy that we can ask a friend/family member … business decisions are much more complex than this. Meaning we need well thought through plans which analyze every possibility and risk.

The risks involved with making the wrong business decision can be crucial as things like brand reputation, image, profit and many other important aspects can be affected by this. It is a safety net for many consumers as they have extra support alongside their own colleagues for business decisions. Especially for small firms who are starting off as they may have not formed a proper hr team which enables them to make decisions.

Apart from access to expertise, business consultants customize plans to each individual firm. Therefore, no firm will have the exact same business plan and this results in real goals being achieved.

Industry Background

Management consultants provide advice, guidance and operational assistance to businesses and other organization’s on management issues. Principal areas of consultation include corporate strategic and organisational planning, marketing, human resources and operational management. The industry excludes the provision of consulting advice on legal, engineering and educational matters. Consulting relating to financial management is also excluded.

Industry Products and Services

  • IT strategy
  • Programme or project management
  • Process and operations management
  • Corporate strategy
  • Human capital
  • Risk management
  • Change management
  • Other services


Industry Activities

  • Strategic planning
  • Operational planning
  • Business research
  • Human resources consulting
  • Marketing consulting
  • IT consulting
  • General consultancy services

However, it may not be so easy to find a firm which is reliable and can provide the right advice. Many consultancy firms may not have the correct expertise which enables them to correct advice. This may happen in many areas of life when we ask a friend for advice when really what they had advised us to do wasn’t helpful.

The Solution

Carew & Bennett have over 20 years’ experience in the consultancy sector providing clients with strategic commercial, financial and technical advice. You can be sure that they will guide you on making the correct decisions. From the initial point of contact right until the end results your firm will progress immensely.

Their staff treat each client with the upmost amount of respect. This is an organization who listen carefully to their clients needs whilst providing an amazing service.

The Services They Offer

  • Developing PPP project documentation
  • Arranging financing
  • Robust value for money analysis
  • Origination and business case
  • Robust analysis the project fundamentals
  • Project due diligence
  • Procurement strategy options analysis
  • Corporate and financial structures
  • Sourcing debt and equity
  • Manage the tender process
  • Due Diligence on security packages
  • Preferred Bidder and contractual negotiation
  • Refinancing proposals
  • Promote modelling best practice developing
  • Financial model audit
  • High level feasibility studies
  • Complete infrastructure bid models
  • Multiple scenarios within one model
  • Extensive sensitivity analysis
  • Models include technical parameters

Working With C & B

From the initial moment they reached out to us it was clear that they were an eligible fit for the UK market. Due to their major expertise and knowledge, we knew for sure that many firms in the UK could avail from their services. We are very impressed by their services and we are very excited to see them grow in the future.

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