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Industry – Biotechnology

Country – China

The Famous Phrase

The famous phrase ‘beauty is pain’ is not necessarily true. We don’t need to harm ourselves or experience painful situations in order to be beautiful. Although, I cannot deny that a ten-minute run on the treadmill is quite close to what I believe hell feels like. However, the beauty industry is growing at a rapid rate. The cosmetic/skincare/haircare market is one of the largest in the world profiting from women and men with all one goal – to look and feel better.

Beautifying yourself comes in many forms. One thing we must agree on is that having a skincare regime is crucial. Whether your 15, 35 or 58 skincare products can massively improve our skin. From vitamin C, marine collagen and to hyaluronic acid the world is progressively finding amazing products for our skin. Research into new substances, minerals and benefits has advanced more than ever over the last 20 years. Resulting in a younger, brighter and youthful complexion. Even the benefits of natural products such as manuka honey and avocado has been proven to aid in healthier looking skin. Of course, diet has a major impact on the appearance of our skin, although there is no denying that laboratory made products can dramatically change how we look. In 2021, we are better educated on which substances work well for our skin. We know that SPF is essential as UV rays are harmful, we understand that chemicals which are too harsh may irritate the skin causing break outs…but one major thing which we know to be true is that the source of our skincare ingredients is highly important. Major brands don’t want to collaborate with firms who use bad quality ingredients as they have millions of loyal customers relying on them.

As a community, the more education we have on the benefits of products and how harmful certain substances can be for our skin we are more likely to consider spending extra money on good quality products. It truly is worth investing more money into a safer product. But who is responsible for producing these products? Who sources and combines formulas in a laboratory so that they can be stocked in shelfs? When we see a product in a store sometimes, we don’t think about the long method and process it began with to be wrapped in a box.

Biotechnology companies are the main culprits who develop, produce and sell reliable, safe and eco-friendly products. They are responsible for collaborating with major brands to create the products we see in store. Your favourite moisturizer wasn’t created by blending a few ingredients together, it was carefully created using exact measurements which are carefully designed by advanced technology and lead by science. The precision, time and expertise put into the creation of many products is over looked.


TS Biotech was founded in 2009. Based on our collection of probiotic bacteria, TS-Biotech focuses on development, production and commercialization of active ingredients by advanced biotechnology, such as high-throughput screening and molecular biology. They are committed to provide the personal care market with more effective, eco-friendly and innovative solutions by biotechnological innovation. They are experts in probiotics and skincare and one of the top leading in the Biotechnology community.

Biotech skincare ingredients are becoming a hot topic in recent years as retinol products, peptides, hyaluronic acid and squalene have been proven to help acne, reduce the look of wrinkles and aid in brightening skin to give an overall youthful appearance. After all, people are learning that you don’t need a good surgeon to look ten years younger just an investment into good skincare products.

The UK Biotechnology Market

According to statistics, the market size measured by revenue, of the Biotechnology industry is £14.8bn in 2021.The market size of the industry in the UK has grown 7.3% per year on average between since 2016. This evidently shows how important the Biotechnology industry is in the UK as many firms profit from them.

Why Expand To The UK?

  • Free health care NHS services
  • Free education for children under 18
  • Access to the best universities
  • Access to more talent
  • Safe secure country
  • Stable economy strong GDP

We have worked with many different industries and brands however it was a very unique experience to work with this firm as we learned a lot of insight into how most of our holy grail products were sourced. This firm has the upmost level of professionalism, intelligence and precision. We are highly supportive of the research that they do to source the best high-quality products as it is adding value to the health of many people globally. We wish this firm the best in the future and we are excited to see where their journey in the UK takes them.

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