How Horizon Assisted The World’s First Non-Toxic Natural Pesticide Into The UK

Industry – Pesticides & agrochemical products

Country – Algeria

A World Full of Many Humans…. Insect’s & Rodents.

With over 7 billion people in the world, we never speak about how many insects or rodents are in the world. It would merely be impossible to calculate how many of these species are out there -unless they had passports. That would be a different story. Imagine an airport for insects or rodents? Return tickets to the kitchen cupboard would surely sell out for these crumb hungry rodents. However, that doesn’t stop these unwanted insects and rodents from finding their way into your home. Maybe they do have a secret mode of transport? Whatever airplanes they are using you can be sure that their main competitors are flies. They must have pretty good marketing campaigns because sometimes it seems as if these insects are flying business class into homes with no intention of a return ticket.

Walt Disney is a global brand which is recognized by many people, they glamourise insects and rodents as they are presented as funny, silly and friendly characters in movies such as Ratatouille and Bugs Life. These movies may be entertaining to watch and they provide great family get together … however in the real world we know that these species are not portrayed with the personalities that they have in Hollywood films. From diseases, bacteria, infections and unhygienic living standards these species can cause various problems for human beings.

The point is, it’s very likely that no matter where you live in the world you are at risk of unwanted species entering your home or agriculture environment. This applies to everyone, in every city, continent and area. It is completely frustrating and gruesome to say the least as these creatures can carry over 1 million types of bacteria on their bodies. Bacteria which can be harmful to humans as small children or elderly people are more prone to become sick and fall victims to nasty parasites. Mosquitos are a major example of the harmful diseases which they can transfer to humans. Why? Because Malaria is a major issue in the world. Especially in warm climates such as Nigeria. According to the WHO, there has been over 435,000 malaria deaths and children under 5 accounted for 61% of all deaths. Diseases carried by insects are without a doubt a major concern.

So, what actions can we take as a community to minimize these risks? Pesticides originated back to around 4,500 years ago when sulphur was used to protect crops by Sumerians. The 19th century marked the beginning of when pesticides were birthed in labs. Various chemical compounds were mixed and purified in laboratories creating a substance that we as humans can purchase on our local store shelfs. Whilst this was a true evolutionary time in history…what we didn’t realise was how many harmful toxic chemicals were involved in the making of these pesticides – extremely dangerous to children and pets.

Introducing Bit Bait

However, the pesticide market will forever be changed since the day that Bit Bait was created. Why? Because their innovative products are toxic chemical-free, Ecological, BIO, 0% industrial chemical for the active ingredient, 0% toxic chemical, 100% natural insecticide and rodenticide in the form of gels, powder, pellets, blocks and capsules. It’s a non-toxic 100% natural pesticide that uses a physical rather than a chemical eradication method.

How Does It Work?

“Bit bait rodent & crawling insects killer bait” contains a natural active ingredient called “gypsum”, this matter is able to disrupt/disturb the digestive system of both rodents and crawling insects (all type of crawling insects & rodents) , Eradication is physical, not chemical. This is what makes the difference and distinguishes our solution (bit bait), comparing the chemicals products existing on the market today. Note that these rodents or insects have become resistant to toxic chemicals and anticoagulants used today, these products target the nervous system and blood circulation, the rodents and the crawling insects were able to generate an immune reaction to these products to survive. As for the bait it attacks the digestive system, making rodents & insects unable to fight back means (Bit bait does not generate immunologic memory in rodents & insects).

What Makes Bit Bait So Innovative?

  • 100% natural
  • No toxic chemicals material
  • Safe for children
  • Non-volatile and non-flammable
  • No industrial chemicals active ingredients
  • Safe for pets
  • Readily biodegradable
  • No environmental impact

Bit Baits products are adaptable for general domestic use or professional use if you’re in the agriculture industry. You can be sure that there’s a product to cater each of your Insecticides and Rodenticide problems.

Bit Bait Infinity Domestic Use Products

  • Bit Bait Infinity Powder Crawling Insects Killer
  • Gel
  • Bit Bait Infinity Souricides pellettes
  • Bit Bait Rodenticide pellettes
  • Bit Bait Infinity Rodenticide Blocs
  • Bit Bait Infinity Capsule

Bit Bait Professional Products

  • Bit Bait Infinity Poudre Anti insects rampant
  • Bit Bait Infinity Souricides pellettes
  • Bit Bait Infinity Rodenticides pellettes
  • Bit Bait Infinity Rodenticides pate capsules
  • Bit Bait Infinity Rodenticides blocs
  • Bit Bait Infinity Professional

Bit Baits Journey To The UK

Bit Bait expanded to the UK with the business visa to further promote their amazing products worldwide. Many people in the UK will avail of their products as rodents can be an issue during the winter months and insects in the summer months. With the agriculture increasingly growing in the UK, Bit Bait will be useful to many farms and agricultural areas. According to Statista, the gross production value in UK Agriculture is projected to amount to US$30,456m in 2021 and an annual growth rate of 1.07% is expected (CAGR 2021-2024). This means that Bit Baits services will be useful to many people in the UK and with their brand innovation they will certainly shake up the pesticide market – a major threat to many key players.

Working With Bit Bait

To say that at Horizon Immigrations we were impressed by Bit Baits products would be a sheer understatement. The first ever pesticide firm to produce effective, toxin free and human/pet friendly products is a truly ground breaking moment in history. One thing we learned from this company as that it is our job to make a conscious effort into the substances, we are using around us and consuming. There are many natural products which are safe to humans and pets which are yet to be discovered.

Bit Bait is paving the way for the future and setting an example for many other brands and industries to start producing toxin free chemicals to ensure the safety of our families. We look forward to watching Bit Bait grow in the UK and hopefully they will inspire many other brands to introduce safer chemicals in their products.

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