How Horizon Immigrations Guided A Top IT Firm To The United Kingdom

Industry – IT and consulting services

Country – Kuwait

Wear Your Masks, Wash Your Hands and Protect Your Computers.

We live in a virtual world…times have changed. We mostly use technology in our day to day lives. For work, groceries, financial reasons, to connect with people, even modern dating, planning, creating and the list goes on. The digital world is fast growing. Even more so, humans find themselves staring at a phone screen rather than admiring a beautiful view. Are we victims to it? Or are we the ones encouraging it? Whatever the answer is we know that its important that the digital systems we are using are up to a high standard. They need to be fast, work properly and deliver exactly what we want.

I’m sure wherever you are in the world today you are sick of hearing about viruses. Since the beginning of 2020 the world changed forever, people were forced to isolate and very few of us survived the pandemic being the same person which we were prior to the outbreak. The Coronavirus is harmful to humans, whereas all technical devices such as cell phones/laptops are not affected by this virus. However, Covid-19 is not the only virus that the world is experiencing…computer viruses are spreading like wildfire. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple to prevent like washing your hands, wearing a mask and social distancing. What technology is facing is just as deadly… hackers, malicious unwanted software spying on us and stealing important information from credit cards/customer data. Think of this virus as Corona’s cousin, the digital version of a deadly, harmful and contagious coronavirus strain.

Breaking News: A Digital Vaccination Has Been Produced…

The good news is that there is a solution. Founded in 2010, Zennith Solutions has over 100+ staff globally, a major presence in 6 countries and over 500+ clients globally its safe to say that this company are taking the technology industry by storm. Zennith Solutions is known for providing end to end security solutions.

This way you can protect your devices against viruses. You may be surprised to know that it does not involve a dose of the Pfizer vaccination… Zennith Solutions includes a virus check-up which is like a digital lateral flow. It is very important that our devices are protected even if there are no viruses found as they are at risk no matter what and they must be fully vaccinated to minimize risks. You can be sure if that PCR test comes back positive on your PC that Zennith Solutions will provide a fast and effective anti-biotic to battle those unwanted malwares. Zennith Solutions is just what the doctor ordered.

There are no government legislations stating that your PC’s must be fully vaccinated…however it would be a foolish decision to login to your accounts, fill out important information and store client data on a hard drive which isn’t protected by anti-virus. We must make a conscious effort to take care of the devices which we take for granted on a day-to-day basis. Without technology how would we contact our friends, family, research knowledgeable information, promote or promote businesses? Cyber security is critical and its our job as hardware users to protect our valuable data from unwanted malicious spies.

Industry Sector

The Management Consultants industry covers a broad range of consulting services, including
strategic and organisational planning, marketing, IT, human resource consulting and
business process management. Over the five years through 2020-21, industry revenue is
expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 2.8% to reach £61.6 billion. This growth has
been largely driven by rising demand for IT consulting services. In addition, regulatory
changes in the financial services sector, the industry’s largest downstream market, have
benefited the industry, as banks and other financial institutions have required assistance to
reformulate business strategies and operations in order to comply with new
policies. Average industry growth for the period of 2015–2020 is 6.4%.
Several downstream sectors, such as financial services, manufacturing, healthcare and
energy, have been significantly affected by the pandemic. There is now greater opportunity
for the industry to provide services to clients to help them understand the economic effects
of coronavirus and plan their strategies going forward.


Working With Globally Recognised Firms

Clear evidence that Zennith Solutions is a reliable, trustworthy and of a high standard is the partnerships they have worked with in the past. Major key players such as Dell, Microsoft and HP to name a few are in partnership with this firm. Alongside being in partnership with huge brands they are also improving the organisations of many of their clients such as Samsung, Four Seasons and Kuwait Oil Company. Zenith Solutions success doesn’t stop here, in 2021 Horizon Immigrations assisted them with their expansion to the UK.

Assisting Zennith Solutions to The UK

It has been a pleasure assisting and guiding Zennith Solutions on their journey to the UK. We have carefully executed a business plan which many people in the UK will avail of. With technology growing at a rapid pace, we are sure that people need the services which Zennith offer.

Zennith Solutions will provide many different services in the UK such as;


  • Managed Services
  • Cloud Services
  • Support Services
  • Outsourcing


  • Infrastructure
  • Virtualization
  • Unified Networking
  • End-to-End Security


  • Tracking Solutions
  • ERP Solutions
  • Banking Solutions
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Strategic Consulting

Cyber Security Is The Future

Zennith Solutions carefully and persistently work to the highest levels on behalf of their customers and Colleagues. They show honesty and strong moral principles, both as individuals and as a united team. This company has taught us that to have the safe programming on our PC’s is as essential and important as locking our doors at night. Horizon Immigrations are excited to see how this firm will progress in the UK market and we have no doubt that this firm will proceed to protect many PC’s and devices during the on-going digital pandemic.

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