How We Helped One Of South Africas Most Innovative Firm To Expand To The UK

Industry – Freelancing

Origin – South Africa

If you’re an employer or a CEO and you’re reading this I can bet that at least one time during your career you’ve faced a challenge with finding the perfect candidate for a job role. Lengthy interview processes and reading thousands of resumes is very time consuming – and time is money. What if I told you that today in 2021 there was a platform which could help you source the perfect, experienced and trained candidate who complete given tasks to a high standard from home? It almost sounds too good to be true. Trust me, if you’re an employer you won’t want to miss this……

What Is Digitalization?

Digitalization is a term used to describe the way in which the world is quickly transforming from traditional methods into digital ways. For example, before the internet traditional marketing was prominent in newspapers & magazines. Today, many brands have online blogs where you can access articles and magazine columns – making it easier to target a larger audience. Digitalization can also be seen in how apps like YouTube and Netflix are key players in the entertainment market – less people are watching ordinary television channels.

A major driver of digitalization was COVID-19 as people had no other choice but to connect via online platforms. The digital channels used certainly converted many people into a habit of using social media/digital devices more. Even the older generations such as the ‘baby boomers’ who grew up using no internet quickly adapted to using platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

An Introduction Into Freelancing

The internet and technology have changed the way the world operates. Beforehand, people were programmed to believe that you had to work in office in order to make a salary. Free lancing, is a popular way in which people can earn a living but work remotely. This comes in many forms such as blog writing, article writing or creating any type of content. It is a creative and independent job role which suits the lives of many people.

You may be familiar with the different types of freelancers who travel and work remotely. Many even do so on adventures abroad. The beauty of technology means that many people are able to do what they love whilst traveling the world. If someone before the era of the internet would have thought this was possible, they would never believe you.

A greater variety to more talent presents an external perspective which can help grow your business. You know what they say – two minds are greater than one. With having extra talent, it enables firms to establish a high-performance team quickly. The powerful thing about having both free lancers and employees means that the team can gain transferable skills from each other.

There Are Many Benefits Of Freelancing Such As:

A wider variety to more talent
Access to many specialists’ skills
Cost effectiveness

As free lancers are usually assigned to one specific job role it results in faster results as they are less likely to be juggling many tasks at once. You have the option to employ specialists on a particular role which saves more time training employees on tasks.

How Covid-19 Changed The Work Place

The corporate world has changed more since the beginning of 2020 than it has in the last twenty years. Why? The global pandemic has changed work forces, firms and people in many different ways. A major impact on the way in which businesses view free lancers is the global pandemic. With thousands of people worldwide working from home, employers have become accustomed to using zoom calls and Microsoft teams as a vessel to work with employers. The internet is the gift that has been given to us so that we can connect with people worldwide. It’s a way in which we can educate, spread awareness and work closely with many different nationalities. In today’s world the internet is a vessel for opportunities so that businesses can work towards goals at a faster pace and achieve goals.

However, many employers may believe that it is difficult to find reliable, professional and skilled free lancers. There may be many thoughts which prevent employers from searching for free lancers such as …

How do I find these people?
I don’t have the time
I’m too busy
How do I know for sure if these people are reliable?
Will they deliver the work I need?

We have the solution to all of your concerns….

Introducing Freelance Magnet

Freelance Magnet deliver a fresh, inspiring and forward-looking business to the United Kingdom. They are truly enlightening and paving the way for many business owners. Their service makes many business owners lives easier, revitalising and supporting many corporate projects. Freelance magnet understands the journey in which many employers undertake when beginning a new project…sometimes more experts are needed to get a job done correctly. Freeland Magnet is truly a magnet which attracts only the best skilled freelancers so that your corporate projects can succeed.

The great thing about Freelance Magnet is that they understand many small businesses starting off have smaller budgets than older key players as they compromise many different memberships to suit people’s financial needs. They even provide free memberships so you can discover how amazing this firm is before deciding to upgrade to a better package.

What Does The Process Involve?

Freelance Magnet gives employers and skilled workers the option to search for projects/services. It enables both parties to find a suitable project fitting their needs. Freelance Magnet also gives consumers the option to agree on milestones and payment costs after finding the correct skilled worker.

  • • Bids are accepted by a hirer
  • • Agreements on milestones & initial payments take place
  • • Freelancers may start delivering & Employers make milestone payments
  • • The project is closed
  • • Reviews are available


Drivers of The Market

Projections are that by 2020, 50% of the global workforce will be mobile. In addition to this, two core reasons for the rise are;

• An increasingly younger workforce as 75% of the workforce will be made up of millennials by 2025
• That the way we consume information and communicate has fundamentally changed with the advent of the smartphone

The way in which many people work is undergoing a major shift due to many factors previously mentioned such as Covid-19. The younger generation are naturally more advanced in using technology as many millennials and gen z’s have been conditioned that way throughout the rise of social media. The younger workforce is slowly taking over and many realize that they have options to make money doing what they are passionate about from home.

Working With Freelance Magnet

It has been a pleasure to assist Freelance Magnet with their UK Innovative Visa Freelance Magnet expanded to the UK as they opted for the innovative visa. However, it is an understatement to define this company as innovative.. We have learnt a lot from working alongside such an innovative, creative and talented workforce. Freelance Magnet were truly fitting to the UK innovative visa due to their brilliant ideas. We are excited to watch this brand grow in the UK and we are confident that they will dominate the market.

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