One Of Nigeria’s Safest Financial Services Take The UK By Storm

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Country – Nigeria

Exchanging Value Since the Beginning of Time

In a world where there’s 7.9 billion humans, seven continents and 10,000 cities there are numerous ways in which people can connect. Part of that involves the exchange of money. The exchange of money acts as a vessel for opportunities, safety and well-being. However, with so many different people and currencies the exchange of money may be a difficult process for many. Ideally, exchanging money should be a simple and easy process without any stress.

It can be argued that money is one of the most important parts of history as its changed mankind in various ways. It is the foundation for many systems and services. Money can also be seen as the main culprit behind many world wars, conflict and disagreements. However, whilst it’s a very controversial topic it cannot be denied that money adds value to people’s lives. Why? It is a great way in which people can stay motivated to work harder or do better. Without money many systems would not function the way that they do.

In ancient times people travelled miles and miles in warm, humid or dark and cold conditions just to exchange goods. Today in 2021, exchanging goods is as simple as signing a contract and tapping a card for a few seconds.

Throughout history the exchange of goods has evolved. During ancient civilizations the bartering of stock and cattle, the use of metal coins and even deer skin in China was used to represent money. Money is essentially the bargaining of exchange and the more ‘value’ placed on something the more money it costs. The exchange of goods takes us on a journey through time. Even in ancient times people were deceived into purchasing ‘fake goods’ from fraudsters, this still continues today but con artists have become an intensified issue.

In Africa particularly, fraudulence in the financial sector is a major concern. Many organisations disguise themselves as being trustworthy, reliable and having good intentions. However, statistics show that this is not the case. In Nigeria, online payments had the highest distribution in 2021 out of cash, bank transfer and e-wallet at 35%. In 2020 there was a total of $5 billion naira stolen from customer’s accounts, a shocking statistic. For many people, especially in Africa as they may feel hopeless when it comes to finding a reliable and secure financial service since fraud is such a major issue.

As a customer you may be feeling tired of all the deceit, false promises and lies that are being marketed to you daily. From extra charges in the fine print, to personal data leaks or even false promises. This article is bringing you a solution to your financial service dilemma’s.

Introducing TeamApt

TeamApt is an innovative firm and one of the most transformative financial technology companies which have provided safe, secure and fast payments in Africa since 2015. The firm was fueled by delivering financial solutions to add happiness to people’s lives and making things easier for people.

Innovation in technology is one of the key drivers for the growth and success of society. As humans, we are continuously finding new ways in which we can make life easier for ourselves. The adaptation of technology is not a new factor in the financial sector as there are many innovative ways in which money is being introduced. Many countries such as Norway, The Netherlands, Finland and the United Kingdom are close to becoming cashless places. TeamApt offer services which truly provide innovation in the banking industry.

Monify The Golden Gateway

Monify serves as a vessel for businesses to collect payments from customers which acts as a gateway to a safe, secure and better organized payment system. It’s convenient for both the business and customer as it is a fast method which favors both parties. To say that Monify provides remarkable service is an understatement.

Flexible To Many Different Business Types

Monify is inclusive to almost every type of business as they truly value making an impact for as many people as possible. From religious organisations, large retail stores, betting & gaming and even to government organisations Monify’s service is available.

How can businesses collect payments?

  • Web SDK
  • Mobile SDK
  • API

How can customers pay?

  • USSD, Mobile and Internet Transfers
  • Cards

Cost Effective With No Hidden Fees

Many of us can relate to a time when we signed up for a service only to discover that there were hidden fees and costs. It almost sounds ‘too good to be true’ that Monify offer the lowest cost in their industry but they still deliver an incredible service. From the moment you create and set up an account it is free without any maintenance costs – unlike their competitors.

Security Is At The Heart Of The Company

Data protection is something that TeamApt value as a high priority and non-negotiable asset in their services. In both of their famous services Moniepoint and Monify they both have PCI-DSS-certified systems and 24/7 automated fraud monitoring.

A Trustworthy Firm For Many Locals

TeamApt is trusted by 27 firm’s Nigerian banks who have served over 100,000 merchants which further represents the credibility that they have within their clients. You can be sure that from the very moment of the transaction your payment will be received safely, securely and quickly. Both parties are protected in the payment process and TeamApt make sure of that.

The Main Benefits Of Monify

  • Low Cost of the Transaction fee
  • More Payment Options (Offline and Online)
  • Instant Payment Notification
  • Zero Reconciliation and Zero Manual Payment Confirmation
  • API Integration
  • High Success Rates
  • Fraud Monitoring
  • Experienced Customer Support

Moniepoint Business

Moniepoint is a channel where people can make a profit from becoming a mobile money agent and deliver banking services to your customers. Why wouldn’t you want to earn more money? As an agent you are permitted to provide services such as cash transfer, cash withdrawal, and airtime top-up reliably and profitably.

Why Choose Moniepoint?

Fair pricing
Sharp instant settlements
Multiple transaction channels
5* support and help to you

TeamApt’s Journey to The UK

In 2021, TeamApt expanded into the UK as ‘TeamApt UK LTD’. Their mission for the UK is to provide financial access, financial inclusion and business support services to the small and medium enterprises. The UK branch office offers services of providing financial access through Moniepoint. It is a pure-play agent banking product that expands financial access through a network of agents that facilitates cash withdrawals and deposits using POS terminals or a mobile app.

The UK branch office promotes financial inclusion through its community-based banking services, Moniepoint bank. It provides broad financial and banking services to the underbanked and unbanked population. Aswell as this, it enables cost-efficiency and high-touch financial services in underserved communities. Agents would act as independent branch manager supervised by Moniepoint’s regional manager with regular offsite supervision, fraud control and audits.

Horizon Immigrations Experience Working With TeamApt

It is a privilege to say that we get to work so closely with many successful and likeminded firms like TeamApt. We have definitely learnt a lot from this company and the full process was seamless. From the first point of contact right until TeamApt’s arrival in the UK we knew they had big things instore for Britain. Our relationship working with this company has been consistent, captivating and a true learning experience. We are highly impressed by their knowledge, expertise and ambition. We expect to see incredible things from TeamApt in the future.

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