Prime4 Inspection Investigate The UK Market With A Carefully Executed Mission Crafted By Horizon Immigrations

Industry Sector – Testing & Qualification

Country – UAE

Agent 007 We Have a Mission

The term ‘inspection’ reminds me of something a detective or FBI agent would carry out. The term can be associated with so many iconic action films such as James Bond, Rush Hour, Jackie Chan and Sherlock Holmes. The whole idea of spies and detectives is a very exciting concept for many. Growing up with these action films takes people out of the reality of our mundane lives. In fact, we don’t even realise the lengths people go through to escape reality. There are also many other ways in which people try to escape reality such as drugs, alcohol and even the less spoken about reasons like excessive social media usage.

So, to many the concept of an inspector takes us out of reality and to a fantasy world filled with spies, missions and quirky gadgets. At one stage in our lives, we have all wanted a secret door in our homes or an option in for our cars to fly. I think Horizon would run M16 out of business, with the CEO playing the role of James Bond. However, this case study is not based on an episode of CSI but on a top leading firm.



Who Are They?

Prime4 Inspection is an Inspection and Expediting Services Company, who are designed to add value to the inspection and NDT services required by TPI companies – while providing high calibre engineers, inspectors, and technicians. They are managed by highly qualified and experienced engineers having a successful track record, Prime4 Inspection has all the industry-specific certifications.

Prime4 Inspection Services LLC, are headquartered in Dubai and have provided post-order management services worldwide to all their EPC clients since 2008. They also have offices in Ulsan-Korea, Mumbai-India, Moscow-Russia, Ravenna-Italy, California-USA and Jiangsu-China.

Prime4 are committed to every client, capable of handling any assignment, reliable to deliver on time and truly take responsible actions. Over the past few years, Prime4 Inspection Services has grown its capabilities to provide end to end post-order management services to our clients worldwide. In their endeavour to provide clients with a one-stop-shop for project procurement, they have now expanded and developed themselves into delivering end to end post order management services consisting of:

• Expediting services
• Inspection services
• Logistics (loading / unloading)
Prime4 Inspection is designed to add value to the inspection and NDT services required by TPI companies. The services offered by the company are as follows:

• Welding Inspectors – Provision of welding inspectors to inspect on behalf of TPI companies in fabrication works and project sites.
• QC Inspectors – Provision of QC inspectors for OFFSHORE Assignment.
• Specialist Inspectors – Provision of Electrical, Civil, HVAC, Instrumentation, Crane inspectors
• Specialist Engineers – Project Engineers, Safety Engineers
• Pressure Vessel Inspectors – Inspection of Pressure vessels, Pipelines, Storage tanks etc.
• Inspection engineers – To provide Qualified and experienced Inspection Engineers to reputed Third Party Inspection Companies.

Why Prime4 For Expediting Services?

Prime4 provide expediting services worldwide to keep vendor progress management up to date for their clients across the world. Their expeditors are trained professionals, experienced in the pre-manufacturing meeting, vendor document submissions and approvals, engineering & manufacturing progress, inspection scheduling & dispatch.

Prime4 now successfully offer exceptional inspection and expedition services from intelligent and experienced professionals in the United Kingdom. The staff which provide these expediting services would are specialised in the inspection and procurement of the engineering project management. The beautiful thing about their expansion to the UK is that the firm were already dealing and delivering services in the UK, but currently based in the Middle East and thus facing challenges like time-zone and genuine outreach to local resources. Now, when the branch office is based in the United Kingdom, the company can better reach the local clientele with their local resources providing professional services from their local vendors.

Our Experience Working With Prime4 Inspection

Prime4 Inspection began researching ways in which they could venture their services globally, they knew that they were valuable to the UK market. Initially when they reached out to us, we knew they would be a great asset to the UK. Through Horizon Immigrations ‘investigation’ with this firm we have learned that this brand are a highly organized, top quality and reliable service. They source only the best equipment for their clients and have a variety of services inclusive to all. We are excited to watch how they progress in the future and we are sure they will take the UK market by storm.

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