Industry sector – Advertising

Country – Egypt

Advertising is one of the fastest growing and most profitable industries in the world. In fact, many brands are successful because of their innovative marketing campaigns. A single advertisement can sky rocket sales. Why? Because a solid marketing campaign is enough for us to purchase a service/item if it is done correctly. Its not about the products but mainly the brand image and reputation.

Human psychology plays a major role in as to why we prefer to purchase a product with better packaging over others. Every miniscule detail right from the song used in an ad, the placement of words, the words used, the colours used, the people displayed and even. how long an ad is all plays a role in the buying behaviour of many consumers. Many believe advertising is complex whilst other critics believe it is simple.

We don’t even realise how many advertisements surround us each week, from when we are walking to the store, from billboards, posters on vehicles and walls with so much more. We are constantly consuming information each day without realising. Throughout the day we may subconsciously act on that information. A simple slogan can influence our actions. The mind works in strange ways as we may never know the reason to our actions just that it ‘feels right’ to do something. Many of the decisions we make may be because we heard something on the radio, glimpsed at an advert on the way to work or scrolled past a social media post. Human psychology ties in majorly with advertising and many people are able to design advertisements in a way which targets certain parts of the brain for a ‘call to action.’ Some of John Lewis’s Christmas advertisements are the most popular in the world as they are highly effective and provoke emotion in many people. Every stage of their advertisements is carefully planned by top leading marketers which ends in amazing results. CAT has mastered this.


Creative Advertising Thinking are a communication and ad agency. They are specialized in assessing the general situation for any type of product, service, or idea to identify key issues and main findings that may affect/determine its performance along any stage of its life cycle. CAT set objectives while building a strategy for each aspect of the study conducted to come up with a plan of action, timeline and budget to achieve the present objectives. They also design media tools (Digital, Collateral, Media, Press. Etc.) that are in line with the selected relevant media mix, with maximum reach to targeted prospects, to maximize impact and outcomes of any promotional efforts that help/support achieving the previously mentioned objectives.

CAT anticipate, fulfil and enhance their clients growing business needs, to the highest levels of satisfaction, through the endeavor’s of their efficient team while progressively developing the professional values that set them apart from others: Creativity, Accountability, & Trust.


CATS vision is to not only expand the boundaries of what they do, and who they do it for but to transform the way they do business to maximize outcomes for their clients.

Services offered

  • Branding
  • Creative
  • Events Management (Physical/Virtual)
  • Digital Services (Web/Mobile/Social Media/Innovation)
  • Medical Copywriting
  • Industrial Safety and Quality


Communicating the message is one thing, but living the experience is something else! CAT believe that the event is the target audience’s experience to navigate through a close encounter with everything they have to say in the flesh. And the take-home message is one that will last.


This is the backbone of everything that CAT do. They believe that creativity can be about the idea, the delivery of the idea, or sometimes just the choice of how they will tackle the idea, their strengths, as a creative team, will bring about the essence of what they are all about: Different. From branding, multi-channel, strategy and consulting this firm is innovative in what they do.

Their services are separated from their competition based on

  • Team
  • Processes
  • Integrated approach (Multiple services under one roof)
  • 20+ years of experience with the continuous update for new technologies and trends


This firm has collaborated with some major globally recognizable brands such as;

  • Google
  • Coca Cola
  • Intel
  • Danone
  • Pfizer
  • Lenovo
  • Vodafone Egypt
  • Nestle
  • Dell

This is only a handful of clients CAT has worked with, many other great companies have availed from their services.

Working with CAT

We learned a lot from working with this company as their creativity & innovative thinking has truly impressed us. When CAT reached out to us for a UK visa, we knew they were the perfect fit as from their work they have clear talent. We are excited to see what the future holds for them.

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