How Can I get a Loan In Nigeria?

How Can I get a Loan In Nigeria?

What do i need to get a loan in Nigeria?


The cold, morning air clung hard to the office’s walls, floor, and ceiling. The staff milling around the place were all shrouded in sweaters or bulky coats. It didn’t help this was Jos too

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, where the temperature could go as low as 6.7 degrees Celsius-the coldest in Nigeria.
You shudder despite your thick clothes and the thicker, woollen scarf drape

d around your neck. The cold was not to blame, though; you’re shuddering because you’re nervous. Why? You were seated in the office of yet another moneylender, hoping your documents all check out this time. This was probably lender number 5. All the others had declined your request for a loan, and frustration was now giving way to worry. What do you do?

Loans Are Your Lifeline

The little piece written up there might seem a tad bit too dramatic, but is it really far-fetched to say Nigerians don’t go through something similar? Applying for a loan doesn’t guarantee you’ll get it, and what if that loan is the only thing between you and hardship? Wouldn’t you be as fidgety too?

Are we making it sound as if moneylenders in Nigeria are wardens? They aren’t, but they do have strict policies you must abide by if you seek their services, and even though each lender sets the criteria for the documents you’re expected to present, the majority of these documents are similar across all the lenders. This documentation is crucial when applying for loans in Nigeria. That could very well be the difference between a quick loan process and a long, arduous one. You have to be prepared to answer questions too, but that will avail nothing if you don’t have the appropriate documents, and that’s why we’re doing our part: Written down below for you is a list of documents that LoanWizz requires to validate your application-most other lenders will ask you for the same documents too, so that’s a plus.

Proof of Identity

If a moneylender can’t verify your identity, there’s really no alternative way for you to get a loan in Nigeria, and the same must be true for lenders across the globe. Your identity will prove your Nigerian or a permanent resident of the country. It will also prove you’re of legal age. More often than not, you’ll be expected to present 2 forms of government-issued identification, so be ready with all these documents:

• Driver’s license.

• Passport.

• Birth certificate.

• National ID card (or the slip, since the actual card takes forever to be ready-some Nigerians who applied for the card in the year 2014 are still on the waiting lists).

• Certificate of citizenship.

• Military ID.

• State ID.

• Utility bills.

• Certificate of citizenship.

If you have all these documents ready and LoanWizz can verify them and identify you at the credit bureau-which is directly integrated with us-you’re already halfway through getting your instant loan.

All we have to do is perform a credit check using the details you gave us. We’re quite accommodative too, so even if we can’t find your record at the bureau, we’ll still permit you to select the loan you prefer. Conversely, and because we can’t complete your credit check, you won’t be eligible for a pre-approval just yet-until you rectify the issue.

Next, you’ll choose the type of loan you want and we’ll list out the most suitable loan offers for you. Choose one and pre approval will be eventually granted, then just await the bank or financial institution’s call. They’ll contact and ask you to provide the aforementioned documents, then the loan will be approved and paid out to you. The last step is the most important too: Using the loan to make the most of your life!

So, as you can see, using LoanWizz is like clockwork. It helps you circumvent all the unnecessary hurdles you might face when applying for a loan in Nigeria through other mediums. Reach out to LoanWizz, because securing a loan with us is as easy as it is resourceful.

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