Life Changing Habits Practiced Religiously by the World’s Most Successful People

Life Changing Habits Practiced Religiously by the World’s Most Successful People

As Jeff Bezos once said, “Stress comes from ignoring things you shouldn’t ignore.” I’m not sure if you’re familiar with Jeff Bezos or maybe you are. What you need to know is that even the World’s most successful and wealthiest business owners struggle with mental health. Yes, that’s right, even Jeff Bezos who was ranked by Forbes as the World’s richest businessman deals with stress.

You may be thinking… How is he so successful? How does he manage stress? Well, as Bill Gates once said, “Power comes from not knowledge kept but knowledge shared.” In this article, I intend on sharing that knowledge with you. In contribution to World Mental Health Day, the knowledge from many successful CEOs on the secret to a healthy mind and a better future will be revealed to you.

Why? Because statistics from a recent study by the World Health Organization show that 970 million people Worldwide have struggled with a mental health disorder. Anxiety, depression and stress being the most common issues. In a world saturated with business meetings, marketing strategies and lots of zoom calls… stress & anxiety may form a joint venture.

At Horizon Immigrations we have dealt with over 7,000 business owners across four different continents. With over 12 years of experience, we have grown a deep understanding of the challenges our clients face as business owners. Our clients are diverse, coming from many different backgrounds and raised in different environments. However, they all have one thing in common – they face the same business issues. Lengthy applications, contracts and corporate procedures can be stressful for any firm. That is why at Horizon Immigrations we want to provide our clients with the best knowledge and support available.

I know what you’re thinking, this article is going to lecture me about how much sleep and exercise I should be getting. It’s going to tell me that I need to eat healthy and drink green smoothies at 6am to solve all my problems. However, what I’m sharing with you is much more valuable.

Allow this article to be a reminder that work life does not need to feel like a scene from Wolf of Wall Street. We have all seen Leonardo DiCaprio acting as Jordan Belfort, right? Frenzied, uncontrolled and distraught employees in the office which resembles wild hungry animals in the safari. The truth is goals and success can be achieved without chaotic stress. Here is how…

Meditate Until You Create 

Meditation is a powerful practice which links back to 5,000 BCE. Oprah Winfrey is a huge advocate of meditation as she believes that it creates the energy and intention needed to improve our lives. Meditation is proven to reduce stress, increase self-awareness and increase focus. This practice not only has many health benefits, but it is also a magnetic gateway for creative ideas. As in a relaxed, silent and meditative state is where some of the most creative business plans and strategies were created.

Practice Writing Down Your Goals Big or Small 

Setting weekly goals creates a sense of achievement. Writing down your goals and visualizing them is even more important. The power of writing small weekly goals is highly underestimated. Journaling is a powerful practice which can boost your memory and help you prioritize your tasks. This sense of accomplishment from achieving goals has many health benefits as it is linked to improved happiness and self-improvement. Many great individuals such as Barack Obama, Amanico Ortega and Larry Ellison both practice this daily – the results are evident in their success.

Do Things You Enjoy

Whether you are 21, 41 or 78 the art of having fun and pursuing things you enjoy doing will never grow old. Doing things which bring you joy has many health benefits which are linked to reducing stress. It is in moments of joy we can become our most authentic self which leads to producing authentic business ideas. Richard Branson puts major emphasis on the importance in having fun as he believes it ‘exercises your creative instincts.’ So, if what you enjoy is pursuing your dreams then as Larry Page says, ‘you never lose a dream it just incubates as a hobby.’

Practice Gratitude Daily 

Practicing gratitude is an instant way to improve your quality of life. It is linked to many health benefits such as improved sleep and emotional regulation. Why? Because it is important to take a step back and appreciate how far you have come. You may have started off your business with nothing other than a vision. Mark Zuckerberg expresses his gratitude for creating a multi-billion-dollar company that has changed the world and the way people connect at the age of 19. Many influential people such as Aliko Dangote, Oprah Winfrey and Elon Musk all share a common trait which is gratitude.

The Power of Positive Self-Talk 

The power of your thoughts is deeply underestimated in society. The truth is, schools don’t teach the importance of positive self-talk and affirmations. Not only can positive self-talk improve your overall health and happiness but it also helps you to achieve your goals. Practicing positive affirmations and vocalizing your goals will set the tone for the inspired action required to achieve milestones. Tony Robinson is a true believer in the strength of affirmations and his achievements reflect that strength.

These practices not only contribute to the great success of many individuals but also build a foundation for a much happier, enriching and self-fulfilling life. If you take one thing away from this article, allow it to be a reminder that nurturing your mental health should be just as important as nurturing your business.


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