Why Should I Start A Business In The UK?

Why Should I Start A Business In The UK?

A small island it may be, but it’s hard to deny that the United Kingdom is home to one of the most lively business centres of the world.

I’m writing this article as I organise my 2021 flights to Nigeria, KSA, South Africa and Kuwait, to meet a number of my most valued clients, who have chosen to broaden their horizons into the UK market. Regardless of COVID-19, it’s interesting that this latest surge in demand for opportunities in the UK among my clients comes just as foreign markets look to be slowly regaining momentum once again.

Amidst the COVID pandemic, the outlook for the Nigerian market was relatively negative, as crude oil prices suffered their biggest falls in over a decade. As well as this, the war on the Coronavirus, which affected people’s perception in having a plan B and the freedom of diversification. My clients explain how they have become wary in only doing business in their home country, due to the exposure to one market and currency. This is why heads have been turned towards a more stable, trustworthy welfare state.

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