Why is a recession the best time to do business in the UK?

Why is a recession the best time to do business in the UK?

Starting a business in the UK during a recession can potentially helps you to capitalise on a weaker economy and take advantage of a clientele base whose demands are not being met. Here are some reasons why you should open your business into the UK during a difficult economic time.


More opportunities 

As companies sadly close due to poor business models, their clients and customers will need to find alternative sources of service, providing an excellent opportunity for seasoned entrepreneurs. Big cuts occur on public spending during a recession, meaning the closing of national services – now you can fill the gaps.


     Bigger companies become more cautious

Larger companies often become much more cautious about expansion. Smaller companies can therefore make bolder decisions, outrunning the competition. Meet the demand and maximise the opportunity. 


 Less competition

When a recession hits, people become more cautious and have less money as well as confidence. There are also fewer investors willing to fund these companies. So, if you have the funds, the confidence and the right mindset, you’ll come across less competition.


Inexpensive supplies and materials

In a recession, companies are more likely to sell their products/equipment at a much lower cost. This can help minimise your overhead costs – office rent, software, laptops, telephones etc.


Access to investment funds

During an economic downturn, investors look to fund startups and small businesses to get their money out of stocks and into potential ventures, providing security for them. Take advantage of this – pitch to potential investors, and focus on how your business will survive, and thrive in the long term.


UK Government open up their arms

A recession may lead the UK government to make cuts, but it also provides a more lenient approach to allowing new, small businesses to flourish. Local national schemes, grants and competitions can also help give a boost to small businesses.


The startups that survive a recession are the ones that learn the fastest. Here are some phenomenally successful businesses that started during recessions, economic disasters and tough times.

What these businesses have in common is that they were able to identify a need and meet it – follow whatever the economy is doing and, if you act bravely, take the leap.

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